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the territory

The generous plain of the Bassa Veronese area in which water is a constant feature. Rivers, springs, lakes, the special composition of the land. A land rich in history, castles, old parish churches, natural oases, meticulously reclaimed by the Benedictines. Here, halfway between Verona and Mantua, close to the Palladian villas of the Vicenza area and not far from Padua and Venice, the common denominator is rice.
The ideal habitat for the cultivation of Vialone Nano rice, one of the best varieties in the world.

the tradition

From the slender little plant to harvest time and the husking phase, rice growing is a long process of age-old experience, in tune with the natural rhythms of nature. A long taste trail that has been celebrated for nearly half a century at Verona’s famous rice fair called the Fiera del Riso at Isola della Scala, the most important mono-product event in Europe, at which over 600,000 people enjoy tastings of the various risottos.

the passion

Rice is also the fruit of a beautiful, simple and natural love story between the land of Verona and its people. The mondine (women rice pickers) are the most eloquent image of this relationship, a delicate and very old trade, strenuous and sweet at the same time, symbol and integral part of the history of this land which has gained its wealth from rice.

the flavour

Traditional country recipes, inimitable dishes prepared by able hands, handed down or rediscovered with all the flavour of bygone times. An infinite world of flavours and tastes aware of its universal appeal. It takes its risottos far and wide, promoting their quality, always with the utmost respect for the most authentic traditions.